Republican vs. Democrat

Differences Between Republican and Democrat


Taxes and Government Spending: REPUBLICAN

Republicans work tirelessly to cut government spending and to eliminate  government waste. 

Republicans believe and support making it easier for families to make ends meet by reducing taxes on income, savings and on purchasing every day goods families need.  Lower taxes help improve the economy and stimulate growth. Republicans are fiscally responsible!


Taxes and Government Spending: DEMOCRATS

Democrats believe that government knows what is best for the people. They argue that bureaucrats better understand the needs of a community than a locally elected council. Democrats believe the federal government should define the amount of taxes needed to meet its obligations and they feel this is too complicated for the people to understand.   Democrats believe that if their entitlement programs become too costly it is better to rather raise taxes then cut spending.  They feel the citizens can always pay higher taxes to fund their programs. Democrats are constantly looking for ways to raise taxes.


Immigration: REPUBLICANS

Republicans understand that America was build by immigrants hoping for a better life.  Many fled from violence and oppression searching for peace and freedom. I am proud to be the grandchild of immigrants seeking a better future for their children and grandchildren.  Republicans agree that the lack of border security contributes to the flow of narcotics trafficking, gang violence and human smugglers. Republicans believe that while America has been enriched by the determination, energy and diversity of immigrants, that in this nation of laws, immigration policies must be followed and that securing our borders is vital to ensuring the safety of our citizens.


Immigration: DEMOCRATS

Democrats believe that as the world superpower, it is a fundamental right for the United States to provide unconditional aid and comfort to the citizens of other nations. Democrats believe in open borders, unconditional  amnesty, and that the laws of America be curtailed to provide non- emergency assistance and legal forms of identification to foreign nationals.  The Democrats see no necessity to close the borders to ensure the safety of our citizens.



Republicans support policies that recognize people are responsible for their own actions. Republicans hold criminals responsible for the crimes they commit  and support tough measures to keep those who are criminals off our streets and away from schools.



Democrats look for ways to blame “society” for the actions of those who commit crimes and are constantly looking for ways to reduce the tough measures that have brought crime numbers down and protected hundreds of thousands of citizens from crime.

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